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Rejuven8 Massage, LLC

Blake Dunham, LMT

Over the past two years I have worked in a fast paced massage clinic setting,
performing over 4,500 hours of massage. In those hours, I have helped clients
work through pain, stress, and achieve balance between their mind and body.

The time has come to slow down so I can connect and meet the needs of my clients on
a deeper level. The time and focus I
believe each and every one of my clients need is the same concept as biting
completely through a hard piece of candy without it cracking, using such
patience, steadiness and focus that after 5-10 minutes the candy simply melts
through your teeth. This concept is only possible by easing your way into the
candy, the second you try to speed up the process the candy will crack. As a massage therapist, I ease each of my
clients into the process, allowing their muscles to guide me, finding harmony
between the clients mind and their body.

My goal as a therapist is not to heal or perfect you, but to act as an aid or guide and
provide you with the tools and knowledge you may need to find your way. I spend
extra time after each session teaching various stretches and self-massage
techniques so my clients can stay balanced and pain free in-between meetings.
Together we can accommodate each and every need essential to a balanced mind,
body, and spirit.

Blake G. Dunham graduated from Pioneer Pacific College in 2011.

License #18560